What Makes MILA Clothing Different?

Made in Los Angeles.

What do those words mean to you? What do they make you imagine?

To us, the name MILA (Made in LA) carries a lot of pride, and a lot of meaning.

First and foremost, it represents our family's long history of making high-quality clothing from scratch, right here in the City of Angels. MILA is a family-owned brand with roots stretching deep into Los Angeles history, and a knowledge of timeless fashion that's visible the moment you lay eyes on our collection.

Made in LA means instead of outsourcing jobs and materials to other countries, we keep our operation right here in this city, adding to the local economy and ensuring that every single thread carries with it the heartbeat of Los Angeles.

MILA offers clothing made of custom fabric blends that feel incredibly soft, yet sturdy enough to be permanent additions to your closet. This isn't "fast fashion," and it never will be. Sustainability is a key part of our mission.

What makes MILA clothing different? We offer versatile core wardrobe pieces that look and feel amazing. With decades of family experience selecting the best fabrics to design incredible pieces, we've developed an eye for clothing that's elevated without being pretentious or loud.

We want you to absolutely love the touch of MILA fabric against your skin, and be delighted every time you slip into a MILA outfit and look in the mirror. Whether you live in LA or just embody the city's spirit, there's something for everyone here.

With Love,


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